Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering a marker can be complicated. Please scroll down the Frequently Asked Questions by our clients so you may save some time right away.

Yes, you can purchase marker from us other than funeral homes. However, there are set of rules and bylaws that we need to follow for the cemetery. Contact us and we can do the rest.

We open weekdays from 9:30AM-5:30PM. If you would like to come at other times, please call or email to make appointments. We are happy to help.

We do need the name of the cemetery, section, and plot number to submit an application to the cemetery. We also need the lot owner's name and contact info. 

Our show room is in central Richmond. 135-5751 Cedarbridge Way. You can come in to check the colors and styles.

They are all made of Natural Granite. We do different finishes such as sawn, polished, hand etched etc...


Certainly, just need you to provide the PDF version of the text then we can add them on with ease. 

Yes, of course. We will send you a design proof before the marker goes to production.

If we have the size you want to order in stock, it can be ready within 2 weeks.

If we do not have the size you want in stock, it can take up to 6-12 weeks. 

If you are ordering a bronze marker, please allow approximately 8-12 weeks for completion after the final layout has been approved.

Yes we can. We will need to bring our on-site engraving machines to do the work in cemeteries. Depending on the weather, the working times varies. 

We have porcelain portraits that is weather proof. We also offer porcelain steel portraits that is the highest quality in the industry.

Some cemeteries ask us to install the marker, most of the cemeteries will require a setting fee to be paid before delivery and their staff will set them.

We also sell flower vases and incense bowls that are all made of the same granite materials. Please come in to our show room to take a look at the kinds you would like.


Still have questions? Don't feel hesitated to call or email us right away for a more detailed answer.