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Flat Granite Marker

A flat granite marker, also known as a flat grave marker or flat headstone, is a type of memorial typically placed flush with the ground to mark a burial site.

These markers are crafted from durable granite, ensuring longevity and resilience against outdoor elements. They offer a simple yet dignified tribute to commemorate the life of a loved one, featuring a smooth surface ideal for engraving names, dates, epitaphs, or meaningful symbols. Flat granite markers provide a subtle and timeless memorial option, blending seamlessly into cemetery landscapes while honoring the memory of those who have passed on.

A flat granite marker is a low-profile memorial, set flush with the ground. Made of durable granite, it offers a simple yet dignified tribute, often customized with engravings to honor loved ones.

Gold Painting w/ Portrait

Customized Portrait

Pillow Granite Marker

Bible Marker


Landscape Laser

A Pillow Granite Marker is a type of memorial often used in cemeteries or memorial gardens to mark the burial site of a loved one. It is typically made of high-quality granite and features a distinctive pillow-shaped design, symbolizing comfort and peace. These markers offer a unique and elegant way to honor the memory of the deceased, providing a lasting tribute that can be customized with engravings such as names, dates, and meaningful symbols.

The elegant curvature of the Pillow Granite Marker adds sophistication to any memorial space, with its smooth surface allowing for personalized engravings of names, dates, and heartfelt messages. It serves as a cherished memorial, a symbol of remembrance, and a testament to the enduring legacy of your loved one.

Whether placed in a cemetery, memorial garden, or sacred space, our Pillow Granite Marker offers a dignified tribute, honoring the life and memory of your cherished family member or friend. Let our marker serve as a lasting reminder of the love, respect, and admiration you hold for those who have touched your life profoundly.


Upright Granite Monument

Upright Granite Grave Monument—a distinguished and enduring tribute crafted to honor the memory of your loved ones. Unlike traditional flat markers, these monuments stand tall and proud, supported by a sturdy base, serving as prominent symbols of remembrance in cemeteries or memorial settings.

Crafted from premium granite, each headstone is meticulously designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring a lasting tribute that will endure for generations to come. With customizable engravings and designs, our gravestones offer a personalized and dignified way to commemorate the lives of those who have passed on.

These markers serve as poignant reminders in cemeteries, serving as timeless tombstones that honor the legacy and memory of your cherished family member or friend. With enduring grace, our upright granite monuments stand as enduring symbols of remembrance, ensuring your loved ones are never forgotten.

Double Name

Portrait w/ Vase


Heart Shaped


Gold Painting

Sculptures Granite Gravestone

Double Hearts

Granite Marker

Angel w/Flower

Granite Marker

Angel w/ Rose




Mario Gate


Jesus Statue


Our Sculptures Granite Gravestone is a remarkable fusion of artistry and customization, offering customers the opportunity to personalize their tribute. Select from a variety of styles tailored to suit your preferences. With options available in different sizes, you can ensure the perfect fit for displaying the names of your loved ones with pride on the front.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our gravestones feature beautiful detailing that captures the essence of each individual's memory. Despite their unmatched quality, our monuments come at unbeatable prices, making them accessible to all who wish to honor their loved ones with dignity and respect.

Elevate your memorial tribute with our Sculptures Granite Gravestone—a monument that not only embodies the finest craftsmanship but also serves as a timeless reflection of the love and memories shared. Trust us to provide the perfect monument that encapsulates the best taste and enduring legacy for generations to come.

Our Service

There are many factors that affect the condition of a headstone over the years, these include the type of stone and the location of the stone. Typically, families choose to restore headstones once they feel the need.

Headstone restorations are carefully and meticulously handled by our staff. The process includes cleaning and polishing the stone and repainting the lettering.

Depending on the type of stone, pillow, upright, or double ‍‍‍upright, we offer the service starting from $250.



The restoration process will cover the following aspects:

  • Cleaning and Repair: We will meticulously use specialized products to clean the surface of the tombstone, removing dirt and moss, and repair damaged parts caused by weathering, striving to restore the original appearance of the tombstone.
  • Restoration of Text and Patterns: The erosion of time has made many tombstone inscriptions and patterns unclear. We will use professional tools to restore these texts and patterns as much as possible, making them clearer.
  • Reinforcement and Protection: To make these tombstones more durable, we will use professional materials for reinforcement and protection, and after deepening the engraving, we will repaint them. After treatment, the tombstones can withstand the natural elements once again.

Onsite Inscription

Our onsite inscription service is designed for your convenience, bringing our skilled craftsmen and top-notch tools directly to your location. With our commitment to precision, we take the time to ensure that the size and design of your inscription align perfectly with your materials.

To achieve this, we conduct at least two visits, allowing us to carefully assess and adjust as needed, guaranteeing that the final product meets your expectations. This personalized approach not only ensures the highest quality but also provides you with the opportunity to witness the process firsthand and provide feedback along the way.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, ensuring that your vision is realized with utmost care and attention to detail. Trust us to deliver flawless results and a seamless experience, right at your doorstep.


Porcelain portrait customization

In addition to our tombstone customization service, we also offer custom porcelain portrait services for tombstones. Porcelain portraits provide an eternal and touching way to permanently commemorate departed loved ones. Our porcelain portrait customization service aims to provide customers with a unique and personalized way to decorate and enhance tombstones, allowing them to feel a deeper emotional connection when remembering their loved ones. We can produce porcelain portraits in various sizes and styles according to customer requirements, and we will ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into the overall design and style of the tombstone. Whether it's traditional portrait photographs, scenic patterns, or other specific designs or symbols, we can create porcelain portraits according to customer wishes to fully meet their needs and expectations.

  1. Design and Modeling: Firstly, customers provide us with high-definition electronic photos. We will select appropriate sizes for customers to preview based on the size of the tombstone.
    Material Selection and Preparation: Once approved by the customer, our production process officially begins.
  2. Material selection and preparation: After selecting the size, we will polish and process the porcelain to ensure a smooth and flawless surface.
  3. Production: Using professional color film laser printers to print the customer's photos. They are then transferred onto porcelain tiles.
  4. Baking: The prepared porcelain tiles are placed in a high-temperature kiln, and the temperature and time are controlled according to the characteristics of the porcelain material. This process ensures the porcelain portrait forms a hard structure under high temperatures, increasing its durability and stability.
  5. Completion and Inspection: After the above steps, the porcelain portrait is completed. Before delivery to the customer, quality inspection is conducted to ensure there are no obvious defects and that the porcelain portrait meets the expected standards.
porcelain portrait